10 things I love about Windows 10!

7. Multiple Desktops.

Linux had these long time ago and now Windows has them. One desktop cluttered, create a new one. Maybe ¬†one for work and one for play. Imagine if someone walks in on your more “intimate” times; a few clicks and wala you are on a different screen. What could have been done much better is that the new desktop has a new task bar as well. This essentially means if someone wants to they can easily move to a desktop by merely clicking on the application icon on the taskbar. None the less, this is a great feature.


What makes this much more intuitive is that you can simply drag and drop applications and windows from one desktop to another. So one desktop for all your browsing for example and one views pictures on your computer. Another thing missed is that there is no (at the moment but maybe fixed in final) short-cut key to go through the desktops.


Multiple desktops can be achieved either via the task pane icon near Cortana’s Ask me anything or by pressing Windows Key + Tab.

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