10 things I love about Windows 10!

windows10-0Well, I have been using Windows 10 consumer/insider preview for nearly¬†month now and have been liking what I see. Here’s a quick rundown of what I love about Windows 10.

Note: Some of this stuff might be familiar to you but I skipped Windows 8/8.1 so this is news to me. I have done my research and not included anything from 8 that is the same but please let me know in the comments.


1. The stunning visuals of the lock screen.

Windows 10 has the most amazing lockscreen that I have seen in a long time. Instead of a single wallpaper or a color, the lockscreen is full screen, shows time and date and will slide away when clicked to show login prompt. What makes this really awesome is that the lockscreen images keep changing and they are fabulous. If you don’t like what you see you can just hover over the top right corner that says – Like what you see? and click the heart next to ¬†Not a fan? to switch the picture.


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