Responses to Samsung Ads – Much ado about nothing

After seeing how some of the tech sites panned the new Samsung ads, I decided to take a look at them. I believe that the sites are just showing pettiness…especially considering that Apple’s claim to fame ads that mocked the PC – see below.

Wireless Charging

Meet the edge

Now that wasn’t so bad was it.

Lets look at some of the headlines

9to5mac(obviously there’s not gonna be love here) – Samsung looks for any possible advantages in new pair of ads bashing the iPhone 6

Seems to be a dearth of good headlines when the word bash and bashing is used by multiple sites that basically say the same thing
Business Insider, Cult of Android, – Samsung has gone back to bashing Apple in its new ads for the Galaxy S6 Edge
Techo Buffalo – New Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ads bash iPhone 6
Redmond Pie – Samsung Releases New iPhone 6 Bashing Galaxy S6 Ads

While there were some that were actually quite creative yet still shows where their loyalty lies
iDownload – Samsung takes jabs at iPhone 6 in latest ad salvo

BGR – Watch Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 Edge ads take blatant potshots at Apple’s iPhone 6

Cnet – Samsung gets back to dissing Apple in new ads.. With a subtitle : Technically Incorrect: It seemed as if Samsung wasn’t going to knock Apple anymore. Then came the NBA Finals and new ads for the Galaxy S6 Edge. And boy is that iPhone 6 a bad phone.
So I don’t what to say about this one.

And yet there were those sites (a few surprising very much pro-Apple) that said what it really was – comparing the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 or stating about the ad
GSM Arena – Samsung compares the Galaxy S6 edge to the iPhone 6 in two new ads

Apple Insider – Samsung says ‘6>6’ in new Galaxy S6 Edge ad
Mac Rumors -Samsung Compares Galaxy S6 Edge to iPhone 6 in New ‘6 > 6’ Campaign

Most sites some how related the ads with what they perceived to be released to make up for dwindling Samsung profits.

My take one this –
The response from (many of) these tech sites have been less than professional and their Samsung hate clearly shows. Petty…

At least Samsung ads are not completely insulting as the Mac ads…Remember these things…