Joomla vs WordPress

First look – Default Front End


WordPress default site is as bland as it comes. No color, extremely plain layout. A sample blog entry is at the middle and a left sidebar stores widgets for some common actions like search, presenting recent posts and comments, archives, categories, and Meta information (login, rss feed etc.). If you continue your site with this, probably WordPress would want you to remove the boastful “Proudly powered by WordPress” footer.


Joomla’s default is slightly more colorful and a bit more interesting but not by very much. There isn’t any content as I chose to have a blank site, but choosing a different option during setup would have given a getting started entry and a nice flower picture. The default blank page has the title in a dark shade of blue, with a page title and breadcrumb. A main menu and login form modules adorn the right side.


In case you are wondering, a sample default Joomla site with default content looks like this. This was from my default site at


My Thoughts
Well, if someone passed a law commanding for WordPress and Joomla developers to stick to their default themes/templates…Joomla would win hands down but only because a few colors is more delightful than the monochrome or grayscale look in this particular case. The first look without a theme for WordPress is horrible and anyone saying otherwise most probably gets a cheque from WordPress. Joomla’s first look is slightly better due to a dash of color, but that’s like saying a car with 3 flat tires is better than all four flat tires. It’s not any more useful. Although Joomla has a bit of color, I will consider this as equal because when you see the two screenshots, you don’t feel the difference.