Joomla vs WordPress

Ease of use

WordPress can be setup within minutes especially with one-click installs. There are a whole plethora of themes to choose from in a searchable theme section and due to it’s simplicity anyone can claim to be a developer of WordPress provided he’s got the right theme and plugins. Their are a multitude of external resources as well. WordPress can be used in your own paid/free hosting or using and other such sites. The WordPress community is very large and support is available in various ways (more on this later). One advantage WordPress has over Joomla is that WordPress is easy to upgrade and most extensions will work with future versions.

Note: Many say that WordPress is easier to use than Joomla, but from experience I cannot say the same.


Joomla is the same as WordPress in the setup and many hosts have one-click installs. Although not nearly as vast as WordPress, Joomla has a lot of internal and external resources that can improve the Joomla experience many fold. Support is available in many ways. One nightmare and reason for low adoption of Joomla is the difficulty in upgrading Joomla to later versions that have been known to break things completely. This article will not delve into this and only the latest major version of each will be compared.

My Thoughts

WordPress and Joomla both are very similar in this from my experience and I cannot say which is better in ease of use. Saying that, I did find difficulty in learning Joomla in the first few days only because of the sheer vastness of the options.