Joomla vs WordPress



Support for WordPress is phenomenal – largely because (I believe) it needs it. There are thousands of plugins (more on this in the bonus section). There are support forums inside the plugin section itself which is built into WordPress. Due to this, there are very few sources outside of this for most of the plugins. This can be a boon or bane for the developer and those looking forward to interact with them. There is no need to create a new page as WordPress has it all set out for them but it also means that they can have little motivation to make their own unique one that may be much more interactive.



The support forum is not very complex with no topics or any divisions. This is normally fine though for most plugins and the more complex ones have their own pages usually.


WordPress’ strength is definitely seen here where everything is given to the user without needing to scavenge Google. Plugins, Themes, Support etc are all built in to the application.

WordPress also has a general support forum as well as many enthusiast ones.

Joomla’s support is scattered to say the least. The Joomla Extension Directory (JED) does mention support and documentation and tries to differentiate different aspects that you may need for support including – support.


Clicking on documentation or support will give you just that. Now this will open the site support and documentation which may or may not be the best to find information from.

Just like WordPress Joomla has a dedicated Joomla forum as well as many other enthusiast ones.

My Thoughts

WordPress wins this round as everything is very streamlined and clear cut on what you can get off the bat in support. There is no need to check any other website and everything being integrated really works beautifully.