Joomla vs WordPress

User Management


User Management is done from the Users menu. Users can register from the frontend (lets say to put comments) and the same menu can change them into Authors, Editors etc. Fine grained user management is not available (without plugin).



User Management in Joomla comes in three ways – Users, Groups, and Access Level.

  • Users will list all the users and can be assigned groups.
  • Groups lists all the groups and can be assigned roles including a combination or rules. The great thing about groups is you can nest them together so the children can inherit parent as well as have their own access.
  • Access Level lists all the different access levels and these can be used to restrict or permit certain modules, articles, editing/deleting etc.


My Thoughts
No competition. Joomla wins by a mile by the sheer granular management that can be performed. WordPress fails so badly here, that it’s not funny.