Joomla vs WordPress



WordPress bundles themes, menus, widget placements, another settings/customizations dependent on the theme and any additional plugins – into a heading called Appearance. You can select your theme from the theme gallery (although its just called Add Themes) and customize it to your liking (provided the option is available for your theme).


Joomla decides that Menus are too important to be bundled as Appearance so it gives it’s own menu drop down. The appearance is shaped by a template which is categorized into Site (frontend) and Administrator(backend). There are plenty of themes as well as theme frameworks (creating your own theme basically using layouts and other features). Their is no theme gallery like in WordPress but the ability to show a different theme for a different user or page is something that has been the request of many in the WordPress community (google it) and any plugin available usually requires editing the theme. This is again out-of-the-box in Joomla. Another great feature is to duplicate a template and edit it to be different from the original.


My Thoughts
I would have given this to Joomla if there were more easy to find and showcased templates, but I can’t give it to WordPress due to inability to change theme per page or user. So this is a tie.