Joomla vs WordPress

Note: I have not completed this, but I have put enough information to have a healthy discussion on the subject. I plan to finish in the coming week. Update: Apologies for the delay.. I have not had time to do this.

The debate is always going on! Die hard Joomla fans will vouch for Joomla¬†while any WordPress user will root for WordPress. But like Apple and Android, the two models’ framework or even philosophy is totally different. This write-up will help to dissect the two and hopefully come out with a thorough investigation of both. I would like to do justice to this piece by saying I have used Joomla to create a site for almost a month now and I have delved into many aspects of it, while WordPress I have been trying to struggle with in last few days, although I have been using it as a blog here for quite awhile. So lets get to it. Joomla is actually Joomla! but I will write it as Joomla so as not to give it more importance for the sake of this article.

So let the battle begin!