Why you should think twice before buying a China phone

2013 and 2014 has seen its share of copy cat (of branded international) phones from factories in China. These include phones from Indian companies like Micromax and Karbonn. You may say, “well, iPhone and Samsung phones are also made in China”. Yes but Apple and Samsung and other well branded companies build the phone as per their standards. Most China factory phones, are usually a copy of well known phones with major short-comings. They usually lack in multiple departments. The following sections describe what are the biggest problems with China phones. No phone company has paid me to write this, but if they would like to reach out to me, they are welcome to :).


Specs do not transform into performance
Most of the China phones boast of high CPU and some have decent RAM as well. Most apps will perform well but resource intensive ones and games will lag and be unusable at times even with a quad core CPU and 1 Gb or more of RAM.
Low Internal Storage
Many of the phones have only 4 GB of internal storage space. This is not enough as it is but OS taking a large portion of that makes it worse. Many of Android’s applications rely heavily on the internal storage and even if you have a 32 GB external card, you may not be able to use it for Apps (unless rooted…but that is a different argument altogether).
Camera not up to mark
These phones claim large megapixels but as been proved time and again, large MP does not necessarily mean quality pictures. These phones take half-descent shots and do not have the mechanisms for taking good low light photos (some of the branded also fail in this but majority of the China phones lack this). The front facing camera is also just the bare minimum and will not enhance your Skype experience. Also, features such as auto-focus, micro shooting, touch focus, LED flash (if there is flash at all) and manual settings are not available or extremely limited.
Screen woes
The screens on China phones break easily (probably not as easily as the glass iPhones, but quite easily). The color resolution and the quality of output is generally not great and this effects the video and photo watching.
Lag Lag Lag
Most China phones will have significant lags which really dampen the phone using experience. This includes UI navigation as well as Apps. This is due to not being able to optimize the Android software to work with the hardware.

to be continued