Screen rotation in Windows 7

Sometimes the screen may rotate accidentally by pressing a few buttons simultaneously as mentioned below. Or there may be times where the screen requires to be rotated.

There are two options to action/fix this

First Option –

Right Click Desktop – Graphic Options – Rotation – [choose the monitor you want to rotate] – Select the option
Rotate Screen
Second Option –

Single Monitor Display Rotation: 1. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt on your keyboard. 2. While holding on those keys, press any of the four arrows on your keyboard for desired angle. Here are the control directions and attributes.

  • Right Arrow – rotate the screen at 90 degrees
  • Down Arrow – rotate the screen at 180 degrees
  • Left Arrow – rotate the screen at 270 degrees
  • Up Arrow– returns the screen to normal position


For Dual or Multiple Monitor Computers:
If you have multiple monitors, make sure that the cursor is on the screen you wanted to rotate before initializing the command. Alternatively you can use Ctrl + Alt + Tab to select which of the running applications to turn.

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